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The answer to that question will vary depending on whom you ask, but a few things are for sure. A decent wedge player will have total confidence in their wedge capabilities while allowing themselves to be extremely creative with strategizing different types of shots from other shots that need a fast lift within a short distance, to low shots that will run with the slope of the green. These players are looking to putt one, not just get on the green.

If you are a player, who would like to step up your short game with that kind of confidence, take a look at the new technology that is available with the Black Magic Hybrid Wedges that hold two US Patents and Conform to USGA Rules.

BMW-Shots 4UP 28129Here, we are showing a series of pictures that show some of the benefits of using a hybrid Black Magic 56 degree sand wedge over a standard type 56 degree sand wedge. The pictures illustrate both wedges hitting the ball with a square face. The hybrid wedge with its low center of gravity will naturally get the ball up faster and offers more forgiveness if a player miss- hits a little behind the ball.

Second row – The saying if you play golf long enough a shank is bound to happen – with a standard wedge players have to be aware of the hosel on all shots where as with the hybrid wedge a player can use the entire face of the club because the hosel has been removed from the face altogether.

Third row – Being creative will mean playing with the face angle with your wedge. When a player lays the face open on a standard wedge, the hosel leads through the shot. The Black Magic Wedge has a sharp leading edge that wraps entirely around the heel of the wedge which eliminates a shank and just feels natural laying the face open for serious short shots.

Fourth row – The age old theory of a dollar bill being the optimum distance for a standard wedge to be in the sand means entering the sand approximately 2-1/2 inches behind the ball, with the Black Magic Wedge there is no penalty if a player enters the sand as much as 8 inches behind the ball because the club will slide through the sand without digging.