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John H.

Great for amateur golfers!

I have never spoken about a golf product unless I have tried it myself to see if I thought it would work in the way it is designed.

The Black Magic wedge is even more than that.  Every amateur golfer needs to at least try this club out and if you have any trouble at all you can just call and they will personally put you on the right path.  The Black Magic wedge will improve your scores in every way on the short game from pitching-chipping-rough-and-sand traps, any shot around the green.  You will want to keep hitting this wedge all day and the more you do, the easier and better you will be at making all the shots and the fun will come back into your game.

Hugh B.

Your wedges are the finest I’ve ever hit, with 5 rounds under my belt, my best round is a 73 and my worst is a 79 (in cold, windy, rainy conditions)  I can’t sing their praises enough.  I have total confidence with any of the 4 of them in my hands.  Any chance of making a full set of hybrids based on the wedge’s technology. Thanks!

Joe J.

Great Golf Wedges!

Your wedges I purchased and putter are great products.  Thanks for your excellent service, advice and professional courtesy.

Antwan C.

I ordered your 48 and 56 degree wedges.  What the heck is up with these clubs.  I went from shooting a 32 over par, to shooting a 22 over par.  I am a 32 handy cap, your clubs lowered my score by 10 strokes.  I went from shooting 102 to shooting 92, I love these clubs.  I am going to be ordering the 60 degree.  The best thing ever.

2 days later…

I played again Sunday at the course I played on Friday and shot another 92.  I was paired up with some older men and one was having trouble around the green.  So I let him use the sand wedge and now he wants to order it….Once again thank you, these are the best thing I have ever bought.

Kenneth W.

Ordered the 48′ pitching wedge Tuesday 7/6/2010 received it today Thursday 7/8/2010.  Just wanted to say thanks for the very fast shipping response.  I went outside and did some short chips at work and was amazed how fast the ball gets in the air.  Well pleased with the feel of this club.
Again Thanks

Ken H.

Just started playing the club as I received it as a Fathers Day present.  What a great addition to my bag as a 110 yard and in club.  I didn’t chunk a shot and actually was able to keep the ball on the green.
Thanks for the Help!

John M.

My wife and I recently purchased the 52 gap wedge.  Your product is everything you said and with some range time, has become one of the most used in my bag.  My wife absolutely loves hers.  She also bought the putter and has really improved her putting.  She says its the most comfortable putter she has ever used.

Larry R.

hitting this club better than any other.  I had taken my sand wedge out of my bag I was hitting it so poorly, but with your wedge I am pulling off some pretty spectacular shots.  This is a truly remarkable club.
Thanks so much

Bill W.

I received my wedge promptly, took it immediately to the range and the course.  I am extremely pleased with the playability of the black magic wedge.  Everything I saw and read on your web about the wedge is true. 

Sincerely, Bill

Rex S.

This club is the best sand wedge that I have ever owned.  I was a little suspicious of the hype but your ad lived up to what the wedge can do…no more shanks, thank God.  Thanks alot for a great wedge.

Bobby C.

I recently purchased a Black Magic Putter.  My putts have been reduced alot since my purchase.

Peter H.

Thank you for sending this wedge for my wife, she plays out of sand like never before

Bill G.

My sincerest thanks to you. You guys are the very best that this business has to offer.
Best Regards

Gary H.

At the Florida Golf Show on Feb. 27, I bought your Sand Wedge (56 degree) and went home to my club and tried it around the greens, for longer pitch shots, and for a full shot. I hit it extremely high so on a full shot I was getting about 65 to 70 yards. Anyway, it’s awesome.

Robert H

I used a 56 Degree Wedge that a friend bought and I love it.  Can’t wait to get my own. 
Great Job!


Thank you very much. You’re being proactive indicates that your company listens to your customers and that is a trait others should emulate.

Thanks again.

Barry H.

I just bought your gap wedge (52) and would like to buy either your putter or your sand wedge but cannot afford both. Which one should I buy? My current putter is a Rosa and I make more than half the makeable putts. My sand game is not so good. I use your gap to about 75 yards and I find accuracy on close chips. I am also the only guy in our league with any of your clubs. Let me know which would be more beneficial in your estimation.

Charles M.

A short history…..I started golfing 2 years ago after a 30 year absence from the game ( I am 63 now) and have struggled with consistency, especially in the short game.

Well, I used the clubs for the first time on the weekend and on the second day I shot the best round (an88) since I’ve come back to golfing and your wedges play a major part in the improvement…I only miss hit 3 or 4 times, which for me is amazing (old habits die hard)…but when you consider that I am a 22 handicapper, an 88 is something special…I had not broke 90 before today.

Your clubs work anywhere from 150 yards in, and are especially good from the 100 yard mark…now if I could just get the putts down from 37, I might be able to break 85 in the near future…thank you…they are worth every penny.

Noel R.

I received the clubs Wednesday morning and I have already played two rounds at my home Club, Cromer GC. It took a little while to get familiar with them, but I am really much more accurate around the green and getting out of bunkers is easy.

Cassandra B.

Thank you so much for responding. I placed this order today in hopes it would arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Last minute I know. Do you know what your processing time is usually on orders? Keeping my fingers crossed it gets here before Sunday.
Thanks so much!!!

Mark Z.

I just practiced with the 56 degree that I ordered. Ordering the 60. Words cannot do the concept justice.