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40° Hybrid Wedge


40° Hybrid Wedge 40-2017

The all new 40° Chipper Wedge is engineered to make all those shots you would expect of a chipper to do much easier with it's patented design. Can also be used on full shots from the fairway. It usually replaces your 7 or 8 iron.

The 40 Degree goes just as far as the old 37 but with weight moved back to hit it higher and further. Normal price will be 129.95 Steel shaft and 159.95 Graphite shaft. You can get yours now for 99.95 steel or graphite!!

All orders will start shipping 07-15-2017

And yes, we ship to Australia!

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All wedges conform to USGA Rules

Please note: All upgrades don't follow our money back guarantee. If you upgrade shafts, grips, length, this all voids our Warranty. There will be a 20% re stocking fee.

$129.95 In stock
Model:40º Gap Wedge
Club Type:hybrid wedge
Shaft Material:steel or graphite
40° Hybrid Wedge 40° Hybrid Wedge 40° Hybrid Wedge 40° Hybrid Wedge