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Steve clubs 146  Steve Lupcho
PGA Golf Professional Tarpon Springs Golf Club Tarpon Springs, Florida   When first seeing “The Black Magic Wedge™”, I was reminded of another wedge from a few years back, but this wedge performs in a totally different way. The leading edge of the face is progressed so far forward it makes it virtually impossible to hit the ball off the hosel.  Hard to shank! Using “The Black Magic Wedge™” I was impressed with the soft fell of the ball of the face and the resulting spin generated.  The ball lands softly and with little release when hit off either a tight lie, or fluffy.  This occurs with the blade set at square. With an open face, “The Black Magic Wedge™” performs quite well and very similar to a standard wedge, depending on the player and the skill level. A professional, or highly skilled amateur can manipulate “The Black Magic Wedge™” to whatever shot needed on a situational analysis of the shot at hand. The most impressive, to me, is the sole of the club.  I like the smooth surface, which assists in gliding the club through thick, wiry, or deep setting rough.  This eliminates the chop, or heavy dropping, of a conventional wedge into the turf in order to pop the ball up and out of that type of lie.  The leading edge seems to cut through the turf, or high grass, easily. Off a tight lie, it is very easy, with an easy swing, to get the club under the ball.  Just swing through the ball and let “The Black Magic Wedge™” does the rest. My final point concerns the offset of the leading edge.  With a ball-middle set-up “The Black Magic Wedge™” allows the hands to press forward, or to the left, so as to promote hands leading through the “hitting” zone.  This is very important when not wanting the wrists breaking early on a standard swing, even more so with a flop set-up, the hands stay forward, pressed to the left, more so than with a regular lob wedge.  The face can be progressively opened to varying angles, producing the type of flop, with whatever trajectory needed, for the shot at hand.