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Our original patented hybrid wedges designed with face forward technology

Get all 4 of our Golf Wedges!

New Post-2010 Grooves Conform to USGA Rules – Custom Orders Available for Length, Flex and Grip thickness at no extra cost!

set of 4 new grooves 300The 37° Hybrid Wedge The all new 37° Hybrid Wedge is engineered to make all those shots you would expect of a chipper to do much easier with it’s patented design. Golfers will have the advantage of a 7 iron distance on full shots, along with the ability to lay the face open for unbelievable height on short shots with great spin and stopping power without ever shanking a shot.The 48° Pitching Wedge

is the answer to that long approach to short shots around the green. Players can open the face of the club and get amazing fast lift on short shots without ever shanking a shot and greatly reduce the chance of chunking because of the hybrid bottom. The no hosel design gives more room from heel to toe on mishits without sacrificing accuracy.The 52° Gap Wedge is for players who like to take the same swing on full wedge shots need a Gap Wedge to get that yardage left between your sand wedge and pitching wedge. Our 52° Gap Wedge offers all the playability around the green and out of bunkers you would expect could only be done with a 56° wedge while allowing you to get that yardage needed on your full shots.

The 56° Sand Wedge The short game is full of challenges. The Black Magic 56° Sand Wedge is a sure stoke saver from any conditions. This club thrives in the sand, tight lies and heavy rough, bunker shots to full shots into the green has never been easier. The no hosel design allows players to get creative with consistency, start shooting lower scores with what may be the most forgiving wedge ever made.

The 60° Lob Wedge takes away all the guess work out of those difficult short shots around the green. No need to lay the face open for those flop shots or bunker shots. With Black Magic Hybrid Design you can get amazingly fast lift on shots from bunkers to tight lies and heavy rough with a square face. The no hosel design gives more room from toe to heel on mishits without sacrificing accuracy or shanking a shot.

THE NEW GENERATION IN HYBRID WEDGES- The Black Magic Wedge Hybrid Golf Wedge assures less strokes, more one putts, no more shanks and substantial reduction of chunking. The large full face action, set back hosel, hybrid technology and improved extra wide sole allows you to slide the club under the ball on ANY lie creating more spin and lob it softly onto the green from a few to 125 yards on the target line. All Black Magic Wedges conform with USGA Rules.

Graphite shafts are a $30.00 per club upgrade. You can chose what flex at checkout. For Graphite, your order will ship out in 2 business days at the latest.

  • The leading edge of the face improved lift enhancing performance in soft pitch shots, chip shots and lobs.
  • The set back “No Hosel” design makes the wedges virtually impossible to shank.
  • The improved “Extra Wide” sole creates exceptional bounce, preventing the head from digging into the turf or sand.
  • “Comforms with USGA Rules”
  • Technical Specification: 431 Stainless Steel Head | 120 Grams Powder Coated Steel Shaft | 300 Grams Head Weight | D-5 Swing Weight | 35.5 Standard Length with Regular Flex | 0 Degree Bounce Angle at impact | All Black Magic Wedges and Putters conforms to USGA Rules | Pre-2010 U-Grooves.