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Roger Heebert2 275  Roger Heebert II
Head Golf Professional, Quail Ridge

As a young teaching and professional player I am always interested in improving and helping golfers who are struggling with any part of their game.

In my years of watching the average golfer and what would help their score the most I believe is in improving their short game. Blade Runner Golf, a new company has asked me to help out demonstrating their new Black Magic Wedges at their demo days. I have because I believe that these clubs offer golfers the best chance to get more consistent with all short game shots from mishits behind the ball. I am amazed at some of the bad miss hits I see at demo days with these clubs and the ball still seems to land on the green. 30 handy cap players are having no problem acquiring the confidence to pitch short shots up and over bunkers with these wedges. All you need to do with these clubs is swing through the shot making sure the club bottom slides over the turf like it was designed to do and watch your scores come down.