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60º Hybrid Wedge Sole

The 60° H-wedge gives you instant lift on all golf shots.

This club excels out of thick rough, tight lies, bunkers and all other trouble shots in the game. You can hit the 60° from the fairway. It will go the same distance as your other lob wedge if not a little bit further. We don’t claim any advantage from the fairways unless of course you are scared to shank your lob wedge. This wedge substantially reduces the chunking that many players face because of our bottom sole.

The leading edge of the face improves lift enhancing performance on soft pitch and lob shots.

The face forward design makes our wedges impossible to shank

The new sole design allows you to open the face much more versus our old Wedges and also prevents digging into the ground or sand

All of our wedges conform to USGA rules.

Swing Weight of D2. 0 Bounce angle at impact. Standard lengths include the 50° – 36”, the 55° at 35.5” and the 60° at 35.5”. Custom orders can be done by calling in or filling out what you want in the “order comments” section at checkout.

All Wedges come with a 30 day money back guarantee.