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Players looking for more consistency with short game shots that require great control in order to shave strokes off their score will be amazed at the new technology in a hybrid sand wedge from Black Magic Wedge.

One of the things most golfers would like to have with difficult short game shots is to have the confidence with their wedge to land the ball where they want rather than having negative thoughts with those difficult shots. The new Black Magic Wedges should give golfers the kind of confidence that is needed to handle those pressure shots.

bmw-pitching wedge-janePlayers who commonly have trouble with wedge shots reaching their target or getting stuck in the sand from hitting a little too far behind the ball and are looking for the best golf wedge that can help them with this problem should find the golf equipment from Blade Runner Golf very helpful. Their wedges have a zero degree bounce angle at impact. This means that the sharp leading edge of the club will dig into the turf or sand but as the club moves forward it then rides on a continuous bounce angle which keeps the club from getting stuck not allowing players to complete their swing. Players can use a sweeping action off the turf or through the sand instead of trying to pinch the ball or enter the sand at that precise distance that make standard wedges work best.

The Black Magic Wedges Conforms to USGA Rules and recent reviews clearly demonstrate these wedge live up to their promise eliminating shank shots and greatly reduces chunking which is the biggest problem of not reaching the target. There is always room to improve your score by working on your short game skills with the right tools that work best for you.