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Roger Heebert II

Roger Heebert2 275  Roger Heebert II
Head Golf Professional, Quail Ridge

As a young teaching and professional player I am always interested in improving and helping golfers who are struggling with any part of their game.

In my years of watching the average golfer and what would help their score the most I believe is in improving their short game. Blade Runner Golf, a new company has asked me to help out demonstrating their new Black Magic Wedges at their demo days. I have because I believe that these clubs offer golfers the best chance to get more consistent with all short game shots from mishits behind the ball. I am amazed at some of the bad miss hits I see at demo days with these clubs and the ball still seems to land on the green. 30 handy cap players are having no problem acquiring the confidence to pitch short shots up and over bunkers with these wedges. All you need to do with these clubs is swing through the shot making sure the club bottom slides over the turf like it was designed to do and watch your scores come down.

Dave Pedersen

Dave Pedersen 275  Dave Pedersen
PGA Golf Instructor
Tarpon Springs Driving Range, Tarpon Spring, Florida

I have been a golf instructor for 15 year and tested clubs for Rankmark for 2 years. I have seen hundreds of golfers swing and have helped many of them choose the best clubs to improve their golf game.

Recently I tried the new Black Magic Wedges. I found these wedges very easy to use, especially from the sand and in executing the short pitch shot. The design of these wedges will help all golfers get the ball up faster and land softly, very helpful in going over greenside hazards and to tight pin placements. With all my testing of clubs, I would rank the Black Magic Wedges very user friendly.

Ryan Smith

ryan smith 275  Ryan Smith
Golf Professional
Lady Lake, Florida

I spend most of my time at the practice facility at Tree Tops at the Villages.

This is one of the largest golfing retirement communities in the country. Demo days are big here because of so many golfers are looking for the newest and hottest equipment out to improve their game.

This year one of the hottest items out that have made a big splash are the New Black Magic Wedges by Blade Runner Golf.

They are a hybrid design club that makes all short game shots much easier to get the ball on the green from the sand or any kind of a lie.

Check out their website to see when their next demo day will be at the Tree Top practice facility and see me. I’ll show you why these wedges might be what will help you save strokes around the green.

Mike Colandro

mike colandro 275  Mike Colandro of Colandro Golf
Golf Professional
Cromwell, CT

Colandro Golf now endorses and sells Black Magic Wedges. Mike a former PGA Tour Member and World Class Champion Golf Professional, believes this wedge works. Black Magic Wedges can make your short game a lot easier. Their face forward technology and wide body sole make all short shots attainable by any kind of golfer with little practice

Matt Cote

matt cote300  Matt Cote
Head Golf Professional at Fox Hollow Golf Club, Trinity, Florida

Blade Runner Golf Company, Clearwater, Florida is a new golf company that has a unique set of golf wedges called Black Magic Wedges. They are much different looking than the traditional irons but they work very well and are USGA approved. No matter what level player you are, once you hit a few shots with these wedges it is hard to put them down.

They should make practicing your short game a lot more fun. The better your short game the lower your scores will be.

Try one and see for yourself.

Paul F. Holden

paul holden-275  Paul F. Holden
Head Golf Professional
16101 Nine Eagles Drive
Odessa, Tampa Bay, Florida 33556

The new Black Magic Wedges are a very forgiving set of wedges that make getting the ball on the green from any kind of a lie much easier.

The clubs were designed to slide over the turf or sand without allowing it to dig in. Traditional irons require that perfect pinch to get consistent results where as with the Black Magic Wedges if you hit shots a little fat it does not seem to affect the outcome as much.

Lonnie Grigsby

lonnie grigsby275  Lonnie Grigsby
Head Golf Professional at Ace Golf Center, Brandon, Florida

Recently Blade Runner Golf Company asked if they could do a demo day at our practice facility to show off the new Black Magic Wedges. I have only heard about them but never saw them. I agreed to a demo day on a Saturday. The two-man team set up a nice display and in no time sales started coming to the pro shop. I thought maybe I needed to go out and get a better look at these new wedges.

My first look at them had my curiosity going. They do look different then traditional wedges but they have a great feel. I tried different shots and was amazed at the soft feel of the ball coming off the club and how fast you could get the ball in the air. Distance seems to be the same as the clubs I am currently using but if you hit a shot a little fat with the Black Magic Wedges they still work well.

As a teaching professional I believe the new Black Magic Wedges will put the confidence in your short game you have been looking for.

Bill Parker

bill parker275  Bill Parker

As a professional player and teacher of golf for many years, I was impressed the first time I looked at and tried the Black Magic Wedges. As a teacher I have seen the same problem over and over again for many golfers and that is their short game gives them the most trouble. The Black Magic Wedges are a big change in the right direction from what we are use to seeing in wedges. I believe these wedges are more forgiving then any other club I have ever used.

Paul Battle

Paul Battle clubs 126  Paul Battle

Golf Professional Teacher at Clearwater Executive Golf Course Clearwater, Florida   The “Black Magic Wedge™” by Blade Runner Golf, Inc. has a great look about it that sends a signal of confidence. Having seen the club in action many times, I believe this club will do well for anyone struggling with their short game.

Dustin C. Jones

Dustin J   Dustin C. Jones
Golf Professional Will be leaving for the Japanese Tour   The design of “The Black Magic Wedge™” is very innovative. I believe Blade Runner Golf, Inc. has developed a club that maximizes forgiveness and increases playability out of the rough and sand. In simple terms, this wedge will help you save strokes around the green, as well as make practice more enjoyable. Thank you, Black Magic Wedge™ and Blade Runner Golf, Inc. wishes Dustin Jones the best of luck.

Paul Sylvester

Paul Sylvester   Paul Sylvester
Being a short game specialist for many years, I encourage my students to use a hybrid golf club and always recommend the Black Magic Wedge when deciding on a hybrid golf wedge.  When I teach, they perform best for lob wedge shots and out of the sand shots.  The design of the Black Magic Wedge will help all golfers get their golf ball lob up faster and land softly, very helpful in going over greenside hazards and to tight pin placements.

Trish Ziegel

Trish Ziegel   Trish Ziegel
Clearwater, FL PGA Teaching Professional   Trish grew up in Oakville, Ontario and attended Washington State under a golf scholarship. Golf professional since 1991, Trish ranks Sixth in Canada and was a member of the Futures Professional Golf Tour – LPGA Development Tour from 1996 to 2002. “I like The Black Magic Wedge™” by Blade Runner Golf, Inc. for a number of reasons.  The nice way the club sets up behind the ball and how easy it is to hit your shots on your target line. I would recommend this club to any player. Try one, it may surprise you.

Jeff Parrott

Jeff string  Jeff Parrott
Golf Provisions Largo, FL     Jeff Parrott, owner & operator of Golf Provisions in Largo, Florida (www.golfprovisons.biz) has been in the golf industry for over 30 years.  He’s worked in golf wholesale and retail, as well as being a professional club fitter. “The Black Magic Wedge™ by Blade Runner Golf, nc. may be the best new innovation in the industry since the shallow-face fairway woods and hybrids. Its ease of use for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned player makes this wedge a must for all golfers.”

Steve Lupcho

Steve clubs 146  Steve Lupcho
PGA Golf Professional Tarpon Springs Golf Club Tarpon Springs, Florida   When first seeing “The Black Magic Wedge™”, I was reminded of another wedge from a few years back, but this wedge performs in a totally different way. The leading edge of the face is progressed so far forward it makes it virtually impossible to hit the ball off the hosel.  Hard to shank! Using “The Black Magic Wedge™” I was impressed with the soft fell of the ball of the face and the resulting spin generated.  The ball lands softly and with little release when hit off either a tight lie, or fluffy.  This occurs with the blade set at square. With an open face, “The Black Magic Wedge™” performs quite well and very similar to a standard wedge, depending on the player and the skill level. A professional, or highly skilled amateur can manipulate “The Black Magic Wedge™” to whatever shot needed on a situational analysis of the shot at hand. The most impressive, to me, is the sole of the club.  I like the smooth surface, which assists in gliding the club through thick, wiry, or deep setting rough.  This eliminates the chop, or heavy dropping, of a conventional wedge into the turf in order to pop the ball up and out of that type of lie.  The leading edge seems to cut through the turf, or high grass, easily. Off a tight lie, it is very easy, with an easy swing, to get the club under the ball.  Just swing through the ball and let “The Black Magic Wedge™” does the rest. My final point concerns the offset of the leading edge.  With a ball-middle set-up “The Black Magic Wedge™” allows the hands to press forward, or to the left, so as to promote hands leading through the “hitting” zone.  This is very important when not wanting the wrists breaking early on a standard swing, even more so with a flop set-up, the hands stay forward, pressed to the left, more so than with a regular lob wedge.  The face can be progressively opened to varying angles, producing the type of flop, with whatever trajectory needed, for the shot at hand.

Pat McClanan-Maser

pat clubs 083  Pat McClanan-Maser
North Florida PGA Teacher of the Year 1999 North Florida West Central Chapter Teacher of the Year 1997, 1999, 2000 Host of “Golf Tips” on ABC Channel 28 Contributing writer for “Golf for Women” and Golfers Guide” Magazines Listed among the “Top Instructors” in “Golf Digest”, “Golf for Women” and “Golf Magazine” Belleview Biltmore Golf Academy   I am so excited about “The Black Magic Wedge™” For golfers of any level, from the new golfer to an advanced player, The Black Magic Wedge” can help you play better golf. Golfers will hit the ball higher, with greater ease, enabling them to hit pitch shots LIKE THE PROS.

Bobby Capobianco

Bobbyclubs 062  Bobby Capobianco
Clearwater, FL Golf professional for 29 years.   Head Golf Professional at Silver Dollar Golf Club.   2000 to 2002 assistant manager of Golf operations at Lansbrook Golf Club, Palm Harbor, Florida.   1997 to 2000 Director of Golf operations at Belleview Biltmore Resort and Spa, Belleview, Florida.   1995 to 1997, head teaching professional at Lansbrook Golf Club, Palm Harbor, Florida.   1987 to 1995 Head professional at Silver Dollar Golf Club in Odessa, Florida.   I ran 150 tournaments annually from 1995 to 2000 at Lansbrook Golf Club and Belleview Biltmore Resort.   Being a golf instructor most of my life, I have seen many problems in the students I have worked with. One problem I see over and over is the inability to get short chip shots air born and getting out of the sand. The Black Magic Wedge™ by Blade Runner Golf, Inc. makes it easy to get the ball in the air from most any lie and from the sand. I would recommend this club to any player who wants to improve their short game.

Bill Schriver

bill clubs 129  Bill Schriver
PGA Teaching Professional Belleview Biltmore Golf Academy Clearwater, FLas   Named player of the year in 1999 for the North Florida and North Florida West area.   Played in four PGA touring events.   Presently teaching at the Belleview Biltmore Country Club in Bellaire, Florida     The Black Magic Wedge™ makes the game easier! With it’s “Advanced Bounce Design”, the club head slides through the grass, UNDERNEATH the ball without “digging”, allowing the player to hit HIGHER, more CONSISTENT shots. Golfers will enjoy themselves more on the course, shooting LOWER SCORES with the Black Magic Wedge. It’s a must to have in your bag!