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Customer’s reviews tout the Black Magic hybrid irons may be the best set of golf wedges among its competition, citing its unique design features, ease of use, and competitive price. Golf professionals agree.

Recent sand wedge comparisons by one of the best teaching professionals Dave Pedersen who has tested clubs for Rank Mark Testing for years stated the Black Magic Wedges offer golfers more forgiveness from bunker shots to getting the ball up much quicker for those short shots going over the many obstacles we find ourselves in.

56-newThe Black Magic sand wedge along with the full line of wedges that they carry Conforms to USGA Rules. This “face free hosel” design, with a hybrid bottom eliminates shanking and greatly reduces chunking shots. Golfers who are looking for the best golf wedge, to build confidence with their short game should look at the new technology with these wedges.

Players of all skill levels have always looked for ways to improve their game. Over the years there has been much improvement in golf equipment from drivers to golf wedges that are helping golfers to become better players. Roger Heebert, a teaching professional who has participated in many Black Magic Demo Days stated “I am amazed at some of the miss hits I see at demo days with these clubs and the ball still seems to land on the green. Thirty handy cap players are having no problem acquiring the confidence to pitch sort shots up and over bunkers with these wedges.”

“A best golf wedge for mid to high handy cap player would be a club that does not require that precise pinch behind the ball because many average players often hit shots on the fat side also a club that will get the ball up easily and fast even from tight lies. The Black Magic Wedges answer these problems and much more,” a spokesperson said.

“Our goal is to deliver the best possible product to the public we can. This sand wedge is in a class of its own. It has a revolutionary concept behind it, and that makes it a favorite in sand wedge comparisons for many. Contrary to conventional wisdom, clubs do not have to conform to past traditions. Breaking those customs is what gives this sand wedge its extraordinary edge,” a company spokesperson explained.

The stainless steel head, with a powder coated steel shaft along with its unique construction makes it an ideal club from bunker shots to flop shots allowing players to feel more relaxed when swinging. This club exceeds the benchmarks that were set and delivers on its promise. Moreover, this particular hybrid iron is customizable, allowing players to fit the length and flex accordingly.