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Newest Black Magic Wedge Offers More Control for Players of All Skill Levels in a Hybrid Sand Wedge

Players looking for more consistency with short game shots that require great control in order to shave strokes off their score will be amazed at the new technology in a hybrid sand wedge from Black Magic Wedge.

One of the things most golfers would like to have with difficult short game shots is to have the confidence with their wedge to land the ball where they want rather than having negative thoughts with those difficult shots. The new Black Magic Wedges should give golfers the kind of confidence that is needed to handle those pressure shots. read more…

Black Magic Wedge Offers One of the Top Lob Wedges with It’s Innovative and Affordable Design

Having one of the top lob wedges in your bag can come in handy many times in a round of golf.

Many higher handicap players do not have the confidence to use a 60 degree lob wedge; instead they will try to use a club like a chipper or a 7 iron in situations that they will have little chance of getting the ball close to the pin with a club of that low of loft. Some of the best golf wedge reviews on the short game will show the huge advantages a lob wedge can offer. read more…

Black Magic Sand Wedge Reviews Reveal Best Wedge For The Majority of Players

A major breakthrough in a hybrid sand wedge that makes all types of short game shots much easier.

The short game is critical for success with every person who plays this great game but so many players have little or no confidence when a wedge shot is necessary to get the ball on the green from the many unknown circumstances that surround every green. read more…

Black Magic Reveals a Major Breakthrough with a 60 Degree Golf Wedge for the Market

It should become immediately obvious to a player that their confidence level has greatly improved on what can be done with this new design in a 60 degree golf wedge the first time they set up for a wedge shot.

What players will notice right off with this new top 60 degree golf wedge is that the hosel is attached to the body of the club instead of the face which eliminates the chance of shanking which is so easy to do with a 60 degree wedge. read more…

What is the Best Golf Wedge by Black Magic Wedge?

The answer to that question will vary depending on whom you ask, but a few things are for sure. A decent wedge player will have total confidence in their wedge capabilities while allowing themselves to be extremely creative with strategizing different types of shots from other shots that need a fast lift within a short distance, to low shots that will run with the slope of the green. These players are looking to putt one, not just get on the green.

If you are a player, who would like to step up your short game with that kind of confidence, take a look at the new technology that is available with the Black Magic Hybrid Wedges that hold two US Patents and Conform to USGA Rules. read more…

Black Magic’s Hybrid 48 Degree Pitching Wedge is Transforming the Short Game of Golf

The Black Magic 48 degree pitching wedge is transforming the game of golf. With its unique, innovative design, customer’s reviews show this to be true.

The unique features that set these wedges in a class of their own are the placement of the hosel which is attached to the body instead of the face. This allows players to have total confidence for full shots to laying the face open for unbelievable height on shorter shots without the fear of shanking. The hybrid body on this pitching wedge which reduces the chances of chunking shots which are two problems that plague many golfers. read more…

Customers Reviews Demonstrate Black Magic is one of the Best Golf Wedges among the Competition

Customer’s reviews tout the Black Magic hybrid irons may be the best set of golf wedges among its competition, citing its unique design features, ease of use, and competitive price. Golf professionals agree.

Recent sand wedge comparisons by one of the best teaching professionals Dave Pedersen who has tested clubs for Rank Mark Testing for years stated the Black Magic Wedges offer golfers more forgiveness from bunker shots to getting the ball up much quicker for those short shots going over the many obstacles we find ourselves in. read more…

Black Magic Wedge Reveals a New 60 Degree Lob Wedge and Swing Tips

Hitting a 60 degree lob wedge can be intimidating for some players. Black Magic Wedge reveals some helpful tips on how to lineup, approach, and swing for the best results.

The 60 degree lob wedge can be a very useful club in a player’s arsenal. They are designed to get the ball up very fast and land with little release but one bad swing with a lob wedge can rattle player’s nerves. Traditional lob wedges are very easy to shank especially when players start playing with the face angle for cut shots that can send the ball up even faster if done correctly. read more…