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Patricia Eaton
Blade Runner Golf, Inc.
Phone: 727-726-5737
Fax: 727-726-7229
Website: www.blackmagicwedge.com

patent 2502008 – Blade Runner Golf, Inc. Receives Patent for Revolutionary New Golf Wedge

The Black Magic Wedge hybrid golf wedge, designed and manufactured by Blade Runner Golf Inc., has received it’s first United States Patent (Patent US D569,931 S). After almost 3 years of development and testing these wedges with touring professionals, leading teaching professionals in Florida, as well as hundreds of average golfers, this revolutionary new wedge is proving itself to be invaluable to getting golf scores down by improving the short game of golf.

Patent Black Magic Wedge

The Black Magic Wedge hybrid golf wedge has been taking the golfing world by storm since January 2008, sporting testimonials on their website from pros, trainers and amateurs alike that tout this new wedge as a “must have” in anyone’s golf bag.

bottom 200Black Magic WedgeEven at first glance, it is apparent that this wedge is different from others on the market. The specially designed bottom is curved perfectly to ‘glide’ over the grass or sand, substantially reduces the chunking that many players have trouble with. The wedge gives instant lift on golf shots with little release because of the grooves on the face (the maximum the USGA allows), and is available in 4 different lofts: 48°, 52°, 56° and 60°. The clubs are sold in select stores in Florida and on their website at www.blackmagicwedge.com.

patty jimJim Kellerman Patty EatonInventors Jim Kellerman and Patricia Eaton have a set of video tutorials, available on their website for anyone to view and learn from, even if they don’t buy a Black Magic Wedge. From tight lies to sand shots, the videos show everyday people how to simplify their short game with the Black Magic Wedge to get the golf ball on the green with hardly any effort, time after time.

For additional information on the Black Magic Wedge, contact Patricia Eaton or visit www.blackmagicwedge.com.


Extensive testing was done on a new design of golf wedges that could help the average golfer be more consistent with their short game. Patricia Eaton and Jim Kellerman formed Blade Runner Golf, Inc. located in Clearwater, Florida and started selling their patent design wedges in 2005.