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Blade Runner Golf, Inc. receives its second United States Patent

Blade Runner Golf, Inc. receives its second United States Patent (Patent US 7,670,234 B1) a Utility Patent on their unique but very effective set of golf wedges.

clubs degreesGolf Wedge Patent

In June 2008 Blade Runner Golf, Inc. received its first United States Patent (Patent US D569,931 S) a design patent and started selling their wedges worldwide through internet sales and demo days.

In no time at all the Black Magic Wedges were setting a trend with a new but very effective approach to the short game of golf, sporting testimonials from playing and teaching professionals that believe these wedges are so forgiving that any skill level of golfer can benefit by using them.

Golf WedgesAt first glance it’s apparent that these wedges are different from others on the market. The specially designed bottom is cured perfectly to glide over the grass or sand, substantially reduces the chunking many players have trouble with and allows players to get that follow through very naturally.

The hosel has been removed completely off the face of the clubs. This allows players to get very creative in shot selection without ever shanking a shot.

The wedges come in four different lofts 48′, 52′, 56′ and 60′ with the maxium amount of grooves allowed by the USGA. The wedges give fast lift with soft landings. The clubs are sold in select stores in Florida and on their website www.blackmagicwedge.com.

patty jimGolf Wedge InventorsInventors James Kellerman and Patricia Eaton have a set of video tutorials available on their website for anyone to view and see how easy the Black Magic Wedges make shots from tight lies to bunker shots to that long fairway shot. You can view average golfers using the Black Magic Wedges to comparing the Black Magic Wedge with a standard type wedge.For additional information on the Black Magic Wedge contact Patricia Eaton or visit www.blackmagicwedge.com.
Blade Runner Golf started making the first Black Magic Wedge in 2005. Blade Runner Golf is located in Clearwater, Florida.