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Hitting a 60 degree lob wedge can be intimidating for some players. Black Magic Wedge reveals some helpful tips on how to lineup, approach, and swing for the best results.

The 60 degree lob wedge can be a very useful club in a player’s arsenal. They are designed to get the ball up very fast and land with little release but one bad swing with a lob wedge can rattle player’s nerves. Traditional lob wedges are very easy to shank especially when players start playing with the face angle for cut shots that can send the ball up even faster if done correctly.

3997-60-newBlade Runner Golf, Inc., the manufacture of the Black Magic hybrid lob wedge . This new technology in a 60 degree lob wedge has the hosel removed completely off the face which eliminates the chance of shanking. “This seems to be the number one problem why so many golfers refuse to use a lob wedge,” a spokesperson stated.

The Black Magic hybrid lob wedge offers the best of two clubs. Hybrid clubs in general will get the ball up much faster than irons but irons work better for spin and control. Black Magic hybrid wedge offers both, a hybrid body and an iron face that Conforms to USGA Rules. A spokesperson said, “according to our customer’s hybrid lob wedge reviews, worldwide state this lob wedge gives them the confidence to keep it a part of their 14 club limit.

“The leading edge of the Black Magic lob wedge will get under the ball very fast so using a square face with this club will produce unbelievable fast lift but if a player wants to lay the face open and cut across the ball for even faster lift they will love this club because it was designed with that in mind,” a spokesperson said.

For those players that are not familiar with a cut shot and where to use this type of shot. “First off most shots players line up square to their target and swing along their body line, with a cut shot players will turn their body out 15 to 20 degrees from their target line and swing along their body line which results in cutting across the ball and works great with laying the face open for those flop shots that are so valuable, “Dave Pedersen explains.

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