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Having one of the top lob wedges in your bag can come in handy many times in a round of golf.

Many higher handicap players do not have the confidence to use a 60 degree lob wedge; instead they will try to use a club like a chipper or a 7 iron in situations that they will have little chance of getting the ball close to the pin with a club of that low of loft. Some of the best golf wedge reviews on the short game will show the huge advantages a lob wedge can offer.

3997-60-newNow with the new technology in the Black Magic Hybrid lob wedge there is no reason any player should fear using this wedge.

The reason the Black Magic Lob wedges are so much easier to use for those short shots that seem next to impossible like flop shots from tight lies to those dreaded deep bunker shots all stem from their patent design. This club has a zero degree bounce angle at impact along with a sharp leading edge that wraps completely around the heel of the club which eliminates the chance of shanking. The design of these wedges will get under the ball very quickly for fast lift and great spin.

Flop shots off of hard pan tight lies can seem impossible for some but with the Black Magic zero degree bounce angle all that is necessary is to have the leading edge strike the turf a couple of inches behind the ball with your hands leading the club head. Players will be amazed at how fast the ball will get up in a short distance off of these hard pan lies.

Bunker shots become less stressful with this new type of a lob wedge. With standard wedges you want to enter the sand approximately 2-1/2 inches behind the ball and take out more sand in front of the ball then behind it. The Black Magic Wedge works great for bunker shots when a player enters the sand 6 to 8 Inches behind the ball with their hands leading the club head. This helps immensely in making that complete follow through to the target.

Most players will miss more greens in regulations then they hit which makes having the right tools for those difficult short shots at a premium. Players who struggle with standard type wedges will be amazed at what new technology in the Black Magic Hybrid Wedges can do for their game.