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A major breakthrough in a hybrid sand wedge that makes all types of short game shots much easier.

The short game is critical for success with every person who plays this great game but so many players have little or no confidence when a wedge shot is necessary to get the ball on the green from the many unknown circumstances that surround every green.

BMW-Sand Wedge ReviewsThe big breakthrough with the Black Magic sand wedge irons offers many advantages for players helping them to shoot lower scores. First, is the zero degree bounce angle at impact which means the sharp leading edge of this club will dig into all surfaces but as the club moves forward it will ride on a continuous bounce angle. This allows the player to complete the swing naturally with good results consistently.

Another advantage with this sand wedge is the placement of the hosel which is attached to the body instead of the face. This design eliminates the chance of a shank and allows for the leading edge to wrap completely around the heel of the club so players can easily lay the face open for great lob wedge shots that can help save strokes many times in a round of golf.

Bunker shots have always been a problem for many players. One reason is gauging the right distance to enter the sand behind the ball which is approximately 2-1/2 inches for best results with standard wedges. With the new bounce angle with the Black Magic Wedge allows players to enter the sand as much as 8 inches behind the ball without worrying of getting stuck in the sand. This club will slide smoothly through the sand whether it is soft or hard so players can complete their follow through every time.