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The Black Magic 48 degree pitching wedge is transforming the game of golf. With its unique, innovative design, customer’s reviews show this to be true.

The unique features that set these wedges in a class of their own are the placement of the hosel which is attached to the body instead of the face. This allows players to have total confidence for full shots to laying the face open for unbelievable height on shorter shots without the fear of shanking. The hybrid body on this pitching wedge which reduces the chances of chunking shots which are two problems that plague many golfers.

48 Degree Golf Wedge“There are many pitching wedge reviews to read about how players can knock off unnecessary strokes and improve their golf game. If a player is serious about improving their short game the best advice would be to put some time in at a good practice facility working on pitching and chipping from many different situations, including bunker shots to see what works best so they can take that knowledge to the game,” a spokesperson said.

The Black Magic 48 degree pitching wedge can make practice more fun because the club will still produce a great shot even if a player mishit a little behind the ball commonly known as chunking. If a player sees improvement in practice they are more apt to practice more as our customer pitching wedge reviews reveal,” a spokesperson stated.

“The research that was put into the full line of Black Magic wedges was to design a set of clubs for the short game that would eliminate or reduce the flaws many players have with wedges. Many customers have stated these wedges have actually changed their game from the first time out. Our research shows that a hybrid body with a low center of gravity will get the ball in the air faster than an iron. It also shows an iron face is better for control and spin. We also wanted the placement of the hosel to eliminate shanks and to force the hands to lead through the shot, these are the features that set the Black Magic Wedges apart from others,” a company spokesperson explained.

Shots 100 yards or fewer in distance are made easy with this pitching wedge for the average player, the company states. It can be used on the fairway, in the rough, and for tricky approach shots. The embedded logo on the top of the head is an effective alignment tool. Lining up the logo with the target keeps the shot straight and allows the player to concentrate on the intensity of his or her swing.

The pitching iron can be customized for length, flex and grip thickness. The standard length is 35-1/2″ with a regular flex and D-5 swing weight.