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It should become immediately obvious to a player that their confidence level has greatly improved on what can be done with this new design in a 60 degree golf wedge the first time they set up for a wedge shot.

What players will notice right off with this new top 60 degree golf wedge is that the hosel is attached to the body of the club instead of the face which eliminates the chance of shanking which is so easy to do with a 60 degree wedge.

Thumb Folder 190A 60º lob wedge can be a life safer for some players and a disaster for others. A skilled player will keep their hands quiet and leading through the shot producing good results where as the technique used by players who have poor results with a lob wedge is just the opposite. Their hands are manipulating the club face which then has the head of the club leading which is the biggest cause of blading shots.

The 60 degree wedge can be very useful from the sand if used right but if a player blades a shot into the lip of the sand trap about the only way out then is a hand wedge. The new Black Magic 60 degree hybrid wedge was not only designed to eliminate shanks but also tends to force players hands to lead through the shot. With this major break through with the hands leading along with a zero degree bounce angle at impact allows a player to enter the sand as much as 8 inches behind the ball with their hands leading making a completely smooth swing all the way to the target over and over again. This best lob wedge rates very high with professionals like Dave Pedersen, who has tested many clubs for Rankmark Testing for years.

Every player, from touring professionals, to amateurs, knows that the short game is critical to success on the course. Lower scores have traditionally been achieved through hours and hours of practice. However, this new breakthrough in a sand wedge gives players substantially more control over their swing and distance. With its revolutionary design, the Black Magic wedge can take strokes off the scorecard with very little effort. Once players use this iron, they immediately see how easy it is to use.