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The approach to making an advanced sand wedge is to take a very in-depth look at the most common mistakes golfers make when trying to get out of difficult situations like sand traps and tall grass. With a traditional sand wedge, there’s a tendency to over or under compensate in the swing, producing a shank or chunking effect.

 Black Magic Golf‘s proprietary Hybrid Wedge design doesn’t just remake the ordinary. Instead, it greatly improves on the concept by incorporating a smart face forward design, which allows even high handicap players to gain an open clubface for unbelievable flop shots and high, soft bunker shots. The face forward design moves the hosel of the club back, creating a shank proof golf club that eliminates those chunky shots most golfers struggle with when using standard clubs.

“Stepping up to a ball lying in deep rough or in a bunker intimidates most golfers,” said Brad Cochran, General Manager of Black Magic Golf. “Even low to mid handicappers who hit the ball well often find themselves helpless when trying to get out of the sand or thick rough. We wanted to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. So, we addressed one of the most difficult shots golfers’ face, the trouble shot. Our Hybrid Wedge is designed to make golf easier while still maintaining USGA specifications.”


The pros make it look easy when they put enough spin on a wedge shot to make the ball back up next to the pin when it hits the green, but these players practice for hours every day so they can learn how to consistently compress and pinch the ball. Thanks to the new HWedge from Black Magic Golf, you can too, and you don’t have to practice for hours every day to get out of the sand or tall grass and hold the green.


Black Magic Wedges allow you to put more spin on your golf shot. The hybrid technology of the Black Magic Wedge has a zero degree bounce angle at impact. They are designed to dig into the turf or sand, lifting the leading edge up, so the club can slide smoothly under and through the ball with a cleaner club face. If a player mishits a few inches behind the ball they will still get approximately the same spin rate as if they pinch the ball perfectly. Consequently golfers will know how the ball will react on the green more consistently.


Black Magic Hybrid Wedges help golfers find new precision and create high, soft shots as they make their way onto the green. Black Magic Wedges come in 37°, 48°, 52°, 56° and 60° Right Hand Lofts and 56° Left Hand Loft.