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The best hybrid sand wedge on the market is the Black Magic 56 degree golf wedge, according to many PGA Professionals who have tested this club extensively.

The Black Magic 56 degree golf wedge was designed from the ground up to save strokes and that is exactly what this club will do with its innovative thinking.


This club has a zero degree bounce angle at impact with a sharp leading edge that wraps completely around the heel of the club. This allows players to shape shots to fit the situation at hand without ever fearing hitting that ugly shank. Players can swing this club inside out, outside in, with confidence of hitting quality shots over and over again. The only thing a player can do wrong with this club is to not pull it out of the bag from 75 yards and in for just average golfers distance,” a spokesperson stated.

When you watch great bunker players lift the ball effortlessly from the trap, you will see more sand taking out in front of the ball then behind it. Poor bunker players have trouble gauging the right space to enter the sand behind the ball. They either get too close and blade the shot or end up getting stuck in the sand from entering too far behind the ball too many times. The Black Magic best hybrid sand wedge was designed so players could enter the sand as much as 8 inches behind the ball without getting stuck and eliminating the chance to blade the shot trying to get too close to the ball.

The Black Magic hybrid sand wedge rates very high with professionals like Dave Pedersen. He has tested many clubs for Rankmark Testing. He believes these clubs will help all golfers get the ball up faster and land softly and rates these clubs very user-friendly.

This sand wedge Conforms to USGA Rules and gives players’ new life with a hybrid wedge that will produce any shot that standard type wedges can along with giving golfers the confidence that is needed for having a short game that can save strokes.