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A more consistent spin with Black Magic wedges

Yes the pros make it look very easy when they put enough spin on a wedge shot to make the ball back up next to the pin when it hits the green, but these players are able to compress and pinch the ball perfectly taking a large divot out in front of the ball consistently where as the average golfer takes a divot out behind the ball more often than not.

Taking divots out behind the ball leads to inconsistent shots and for sure your grooves won’t help when they are full of grass and turf.

Put more spin on your golf shot

New hybrid technology with the Black Magic Wedges has a zero degree bounce angle at impact. They are designed to dig into the turf or sand but only so far as the club slides forward the bounce angle comes into effect lifting the leading edge up so the club can slide smoothly under and through the ball with a cleaner club face. If a player miss hits a few inches behind the ball they will still get approximately the same spin rate as if they pinch the ball perfectly. Consequently golfers should know how the ball will react on the green more consistently.

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