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HWedge Golf offers a Set of Game Changing Hybrid Wedges.

HWedges are USGA Approved!

HWedges are Gauranteed to Improve Your Short Game Immediately

See What Real Golfers are Saying About HWedges

I tried it out of the sand. I didn’t have any problems… I’d tell my friends to try it, they’ll find the HWedges work great!

Call Blackmagic Golf @ 877-799-6099 for prompt assistance! Need Help? Got questions?

Full Guarantee - Love it or Return It!

The HWedge Features Patented Face Forward Hybrid Technology

USGA Compliant with Legal Wedge Grooves

My playing partner’s wanted to know if these wedges were “legal”.  I’m scoring from all around the greens.  Not only are they USGA compliant, they work better than any wedge I’ve ever played.

Your wedges are the finest I’ve ever hit, with 5 rounds under my belt, my best round is a 73 and my worst is a 79 (in cold, windy, rainy conditions)  I can’t sing their praises enough.  I have total confidence with any of them in my hands.   Thanks!