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56-wedgeThis Right Handed club thrives in the sand, tight lies and heavy rough. The no hosel design allows players to get creative without ever shanking a shot.

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The Black Magic Wedge 56 degree wedge is a sure stroke saver from 100 yards and in from any condition. This club performs in sand, tight lies to heavy rough. Golfers can lay the face open and cut across the ball pulling off those flop shots you thought only the pros could do. The 56 degree wedge, like all the Black Magic Wedges, can give you instant confidence as soon as you set the club behind the ball. Confidence is what makes great players.

Custom Orders Available for Length and Flex. Graphite shafts are a $30.00 per club upgrade. You can chose what flex at checkout. For Graphite, your order will ship out in 2 business days at the latest.


mike colandro 275
Mike Colandro
World class PGA champion
56 Degree
“All short game shots are attainable for any skill level golfer with the Black Magic Wedges and a little practice.”


  • The leading edge of the face improved lift enhancing performance in soft pitch shots, chip shots and lobs.
  • The set back “No Hosel” design makes the wedges virtually impossible to shank.
  • The improved “Extra Wide” sole creates exceptional bounce, preventing the head from digging into the turf or sand.
  • “Conforms with USGA Rules”
  • Technical Specification: 431 Stainless Steel Head | 120 Grams Powder Coated Steel Shaft | 300 Grams Head Weight | D-5 Swing Weight | 35.5 Standard Length with Regular Flex | 0 Degree Bounce Angle at impact | All Black Magic Wedges and Putters conforms to USGA Rules